Excel Pareto Application and Chart


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This Easy to Use Pareto Application for Microsoft Excel allows you to analyze your business by creating Pareto Charts and performing Pareto Analysis with a click of a button in Excel.

Pareto Analysis can be used by any business. It helps you better understand your business drivers and visually analyze and identify the critical and significant issues which drive your profit, quality, and other key business performances.

You can analyze your cost drivers by grouping your data into cost categories and running Pareto Xpert to conduct Pareto Analysis and create Pareto Reports and Charts for your business. You can also use Pareto Xpert for your Quality Management and Six Sigma projects to identify main drivers that affect your quality and operational performances.

You can use Pareto Xpert for analyzing any business data in order to discover unnoticed patterns and focus on the most significant causes of the problems. You can work with organized data – grouped by categories or you can use data with multiple entries per category and Pareto Xpert will perform the entire analysis for you.

The Pareto Principle or 80 / 20 Principle has helped many business decision makers get a better business insight and improve significantly their business operations and business performances.

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